Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Blog!

Hey everyone. Welcome to my new blog, Casually Anime. I have a very popular blog called "H00k Games" where I discuss my journeys through developing video games. However, sometimes I want to deviate from that and discuss other things. That's where the idea for Casually Anime came from.

On Casually Anime, I'll be posting the latest anime news and my personal anime reviews. I'm not sure how frequent my reviews will be as I only watch anime casually, but I'll try to add them as constantly as possible.

Hopefully you enjoy my blog!


nice idea mate! its good to deviate sometimes, I'll be following this blog too

Good deal, sometimes you have to switch things up a bit to kill the boredom! I will be watching for your reviews.

looking forward to new posts!

congratulations on starting! im looking forward to your material!

Ahh must be nice to have two blogs, looking forward to your posts on this one!

okie okie, waitin for some posts :3

i was thinking maybe you could post about anime on your other blog too

Looking good, nice clear design!

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